This is usually because Windows blocked the automatic driver installation that was supposed to take place when the software was installed.


Try these steps:

  1. Unplug the device for now
  2. Click on Start and RIGHT click “Computer” and normal click “Properties” at the bottom
  3. The page that opens should tell you which Windows is installed and then further down whether it is 32 or 64bit
  4. Once you have this information, download and install the following (which should also be on your CD in a folder called "USB-to-Serial Device drivers"):
  • Prolific Drivers - the coding in the software require these to be install whether your unit uses a Prolific chip or not - the software will work without it, but pop up an error every time you open it, which can become annoying. If you install it and it prompts whether you want to “Modify”, “Repair” or “Remove”, then its already installed and you can cancel it
  • ST Micro 32bit or 64 bit Drivers - Depending on the outcome of steps 1 & 2, download and install the appropriate driver (click the appropriate name to download the driver directly)

Once installed, plug in the device and wait a minute or two for Windows to allocate the driver. Open Little LogBook and try again.