This issue actually related to a change Microsoft made in their Windows 8 operating system and is due to values assigned to the "decimal" and "list separator" symbols used. When you try to open a file in Excel which uses these symbols as their separator, Excel gets confused and cannot spit the information into the required columns.

To fix this, follow these steps:

  • Close Little LogBook and Excel (if open).
  • Click on your Start Screen in your Windows 8 (bottom left and it brings up the screen with the big blocks)
  • Type the word Control and you should see the top result being Control Panel - click it
  • Depending on the layout if the icons, look for the icon named Region and click it. If your view is categorized in groups, find the Clock, Language and Region group and under it click on Change date, time or number formats
  • Either will yield the same result - a box pops up displaying the current configuration of number and date formats.

    Click the Additional Settings button at the bottom and it will show a list of the different types of separators used for decimal values etc.
  • Change the value for Decimal symbol to a FULL STOP (.) and a bit further down the list, change the value for List Separator to a COMMA (,)



  • Click OK and OK through all the open boxes to apply the change.

Now open Excel and if you have version 2010, click on the File menu in the top left and then click on Options at the bottom of the menu. If you are using version 2007, you will have a round ball instead of a File menu in the top left corner - click it and then click on the Excel Options button in the bottom right hand corner of that menu.

In the box that appeared, you will see a couple of items on the left hand side - click on the Advanced option there and in the resulting view on the right there should be a bunch of options you can change. Under the first couple of options there should be a setting that states Use system separators...usually it is not selected and if not, click the box to select it. Click OK at the bottom.

Thats it - close Excel and then find one of your CSV files you have and double click it and you should note that it neatly separates the information into columns.