If you are having difficulty with regards to drivers on your Little LogBook then please Kindly go and check your Device Manager.

You will find the Little LogBook device In the device manager undernearth Ports (COM & LPT). (If not there then driver is an Issue)

If however you do have a Ports category then please check Underneath For Either Martel USB to Serial or STMicroelectronics Virtual COM Port.


If you have Martel- then the drivers are incorrect 



If you have STMicroelectronics- then the Drivers are correct and Fine.





How to fix the Martel USB driver and prevent it from coming back.

Firstly Go to your Advanced system settings (found in ‘System and Security -> System’ under the Control Panel)



Then click on the Hardware tab and then Choose ‘Device Installation Settings’


Please click on the option that Says ‘No, let me choose what to do’ and then also choose ‘ Never install Driver software from Windows Update.’ Once the Options are selected then Simply click on ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom (possible restart may be required: If it requests a restart then Please do so.)


Now what we have to do is change the device driver selected in the Device manager. (Please note that the next steps may need to be repeated if you have multiple Little LogBook devices for each Device you plug in.)

Firstly go back to your device manager and find the Martel device under Ports. Once found , Right click on the device and then choose ‘Update Driver Software’

In the box that appears, Click the BOTTOM option



 In the Next box, again click the BOTTOM 


 Ensure that you choose the STMicroelectronics Virtual COM Port and then click Next



After a short Install , It should say success fully installed ‘STMicroelectronics’. Test Little LogBook and all should be working fine again.