Our software and the way it communicates with the device is not compatible natively on MAC OS’s, but we do have lots of clients (including two of our Directors) successfully using Little Log Book on their MAC’s through virtual windows environments.

The options for running it on a MAC are:

  • Using software called Parallels – with this software one can run a virtual Windows instance while on your MAC OS. It runs in a window so you can open it and then work in your Little Log Book software within the virtual instance – you can minimize it and carry on with whatever else it was you were doing and then go back again to use your Little Log Book software. The setback here is price – it retails for around R1000 I think however most new MAC buyers are given the option to have this included in their purchase and preinstalled at a reduced cost.
  • Using the free utility called BootCamp – this allows you to install a fully fledged version of Windows alongside your MAC OS and when you start up your MAC, you have the option to boot into Windows or MAC. The setback here is inconvenience – you have to physically close and save everything and restart to get into the other operating system
  • Personally I advise another workaround that does exactly what the Parallels software does – VirtualBOX from Oracle. It is free and does exactly the same thing and has been proven to work when using a Windows virtual installation in it to use Little Log Book. Our one Director moved from using Bootcamp to Virtualbox due to its ease of use in his MAC OS without having to restart every time.

Herewith the link to the site: https://www.virtualbox.org

To Download Virtualbox you can go to this link: https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads and click the link next to Virtualbox x.x.x for OSX Hosts

You also need to download the extension pack on the same page to enable USB support

Then just get your hands on a copy of Windows - I have attached a step by step walkthrough to install Virtualbox, install Windows IN Virtualbox and then install Little Log Book in that Windows. It has screenshots and is really not much of a mission if you follow the steps. The bonus here is that you would be able to run any other applications or hardware which isn’t MAC compatible as well.

We hope the above information finds you well and that the above suggestions prove viable.