V1(old) software - Backup your old software database?

Whether you are a private individual or a large corporate, your Little LogBook data that you or users on your network have downloaded and administered will become one of the most important sets of data for users and management alike.

Files needed to be included in the backup solution

  • Make sure Little LogBook is closed during backups!
  • The file needed resides in “C:\Program Files\Little LogBook” (or “C:\Program File (x86)\Little LogBook” on 64bit operating systems).
  • You need to backup the xxxxx.LLB files. There will be one for each of the separate vehicles loaded on that specific system. If unsure, include the entire Little LogBook folder in the backup solution.
  • The file names themselves will be the registration numbers of the vehicles themselves, eg. DEF456GP.LLB. They are from about 14mb in size and up, depending on the amount of downloaded data in them
  • To make things easier (as certain backup solutions require client packages loaded on all locations where are backed up from), you could set up scheduled tasks on the various PC’s where Little LogBook is installed and have a simple batch file copy all the databases to a central server location upon logging off (or after a specific trigger event). This way you simply point the backup solution to the server share instead of to multiple computers.

Individuals can simply copy said file to an external location or upload it to a free online cloud service like Google Drive or Dropbox - just keep uploading your database after every download or trip administration and you should be covered in the event of theft or damages!