This can only be explained in the same light as some laptops that had a similar issue when entering hibernation or standby and just would not switch back on - its purely circumstantial and a combination of battery power levels at the point of attempting to bring it back to life.

As with other hardware that experiences a similar issue, even charging the device still didn't resolve the issue and one had to physically reset the power circuit to get the device back on. In laptops one would remove the battery for a period of time and upon attaching it again and providing AC power, one could turn the unit back on.

The same applies to the Little LogBook GO but to reset said power circuit is much easier:

  • Plug the unit into a power source (any available USB port) - check to see whether the green LED indicating a charge lights up. In some cases this also does not show but leave it plugged in for about 10 minutes anyway.
  • Remove the device and then press and hold BOTH the buttons on the device for a minimum of 10 seconds
  • You will note after the first couple of seconds the blue LED comes on...keep holding the buttons and you will note that the blue and red LED's flash and subsequently stop flashing.
  • Let go of the buttons and the LED's will turn off.
Try powering the device on using the power button on the unit and it should work fine. Also good to know is that the above process does nothing to your logged information on the unit so you need not worry about losing your information.