If you are facing an issue with your reports giving an error (as per image below) when trying to generate a PDF report then the solution is simple:

Step 1:

Open your task manager and end all Adobe PDF processes:

To do so please right click on your task bar and click on 'START TASK MANAGER'

In the Task manager , End/ Close all processes that are related to Adobe PDF Reader.

Once all Tasks are ended or closed of Adobe then we can move onto step 2:

Step 2:

Open Up your ADOBE PDF reader (either by Start menu or by opening a PDF document you frequently use).

Once PDF is open, Please click on edit in the Menu and choose preferences:

Once Preferences is open Click on Security (Enhanced) and then turn off the highlighted options: Enable Protected Mode at startup and Enable Enhanced Security. Turn both these options OFF.

Once this has been done then click OK/Save and then Test your Little LogBook Reporting again and all should be in order.

If there is still an error please go through these steps again.