When you connect the Little LogBook device, it might attempt communication on a port (such as COM 3) which could already be in use by another device. This would cause communication conflicts between that device and the computer. To resolve this:

  • Go to device manager (click on the start button of your computer and search for device manager)
  • Double click on the Ports (COM & LPT)
  • Right click on the driver (STMicroelectronics Virtual COM Port)
    1. Be aware that other devices might use the same driver manufacturer and will appear to be the same, so make sure that it IS the actual COM port created due to the Little LogBook device. Typically, I remove and reinsert the device and watch the device manager COM entry disappear and the reappear accordingly)
  • Select properties
  • Click “Ports & Settings” button
  • Click “Advanced” button
  • Use the arrow to change the COM Port Number to the smallest one that is not in use.

If the issue is not resolved, please contact support.