• If missing part of the start location the vehicle started travelling before the connection to satellites was established (No flashing LED on device at departure)
  • Lost power connection between vehicle and USB charger (No LED on Charger)
  • Poor connection between device and USB charger (No LED on device lit)
  • Forgot to plug the device (Little LogBook) or forgot to switch ON the device (Little LogBook GO).

If you have lost a whole trip, this can be manually captured, using the “Add Manual Trip” function in the software (Under “Trips” tab).

Select a trip where you would like to insert a manual trip and then click on the “Add Trip” button.

Select the “Before” or “After” button.  Please note that there MUST be enough time available for a new manual trip between the selected trip and the adjacent trip where the new manual trip is to be inserted.

If you are missing many trips ensure that device has been downloaded and cleared.