These are the issues that can only be resolved via TeamViewer (

  1. Device detected but can’t download trips (download button is green) but it doesn't show the capacity of the device at all. 
  2. Device wants to download but just disappears. 
  3. Device unregistered/de-registered but was previously registered
  4. Unable to download after upgrading the software on the same computer. 
  5. Password reset, if you have a device that was used by somebody else and you don’t have the database from the old user, computer crashed and you don’t have backups, re-installed the driver, simply contact the support consultant 
  6. Merge databases
  7. Amend incorrect vehicle details.
  8. Recover deleted trips.
  9. Activate a de-registered car
  10. Error downloading trips: There is more than one active vehicle registered with the same serial on this device. Please contact support to have this problem rectified, it would otherwise lead to trips being downloaded to the incorrect vehicle
  11. Downloading button is available but unable to download (check if the device usage is available, if not create a ticket
  12. After downloading the software, a shortcut gets created but when trying to open it there is an error saying 'C:\\llb.s.3db' is denied – this means you firewalls that are blocking the creation of Little LogBook Global folder and all the content are stored direct on the C-drive.