Option 1: If the shortcut was working before and suddently it is not working.

This could mean your firewalls detected and deleted LittleLogBookGlobal.exe

If this is the case you will need to re-run the Little Logbook Global setup to repair the application.

Option 2: If you got this error immediately after installing Little Logbook Global, this could mean Little Logbook Global folder was not created due to the firewalls on your computer.

To resolve this error:

  1. Delete Little Logbook Global shortcut that was created on your desktop.
  2. Create Little Logbook Global folder under C – drive that is C:/Little LogBook  Global
  3. Move all Little logBook Global V2.2.208 content from C – drive to the folder that you have just created.  See below all the content that you need to move from C – drive.
  4. Create LittleLogBookGlobal shortcut by:
  • Opening C:/Little Logbook Global folder
  • Scroll down and look for LittleLogBookGlobal.exe
  • Right click LittleLogBookGlobal.exe to create a shortcut

       5. Once the new shortcut has been created, you can double click on it to open the application.

Little LogBook Global V2.2.208 content: