Device is detected by computer but it is not communicating with the software (Windows 8 especially). 

Background: Windows also has a database. It’s called WMI. Windows Management Instrumentation. This database contains all information about itself (being Windows), devices and power options the whole shebang.

On Windows 8 there is a catalog of information which tends to go “missing”, known as a “Namespace”. It’s really just a table of information in the database. It’s called CIMWin32 in this case. This contains information regarding some attached devices in USB ports (amongst other things). Solving this issue meant re-instating this table of information.

Here's how…

While connected to the client computer, press the Windows button. Type Powershell and the powershell icon will eventually appear, but don’t click on it. Right-click on it instead and choose “Run as Administrator”.

This will open a very special command line.

Type the following commands in this order (and press enter for each line): (This assumes that Windows is installed on the “C” drive)

  1. C:
  2. CD\
  3. CD Windows
  4. CD system32
  5. CD wbem
  6. mofcomp CIMWin32.mof

This instructs powershell to install the missing “namespace” into the Windows WMI database.

There is no need to restart, close all windows and start the application. The device SHOULD now connect.