This is when a car’s cigarette lighter socket (or whichever port you are using for Little LogBook) is permanently connected to power (it does not switch off when the car does). Just some insight on how the device works as background:

  1. As per the packaging, the device can hold in excess of 250000 data points (a point logged every second or the like while travelling)
  2. This normally equates to about 4000km or 210hours of continuous driving (continuous referring to literally driving non stop without switching off for 210 hours)
  3. The unit, as per most other on the market, uses a stop / start logging model based on Switching Power...thus: Power On = starts logging trip | Power Off = stops logging trip. This then clearly defines the start and stop points of trips.


With that said, let me specifically refer to point (3) above. Unfortunately there are some vehicles where the cigarette lighter socket is directly wired to the battery, meaning its on “Permanent Power”. Thus anything you plug into said socket will instantly have power, without interruption, till it is removed from said socket. Some vehicles, especially SUV’s and bakkies, actually have more than one of these ports and they are usually separately connected, ie. one is on Switching Power and the other on Permanent Power (to be used for emergency situations or for leisure purposes).


If the Little LogBook is plugged into a port that is on Permanent Power, it will PERMANENTLY log until it is you must make sure you download your trips and clear your device at least every 7 to 8 days. The problem though is that it logs one continuous trip until its removed from power and depending on whether you have the latest software or not, you might have to manually split said trip into the separate trips where applicable. The latest version of the software attempts to split the trips as best it can by using various algorithms and works pretty well in most cases. Make sure you are on the latest version - see Device not compatible or not the latest software version? in the knowledge base to update your software.