To split permanent power trips manually:

  1. Open the trip by double clicking on it
  2. Below the map and the speed graph, you will note the trip information (start and end location, etc). Click this once and you will note the trip changes to a reddish colour.
  3. The speed graph underneath the trip shows the times you were driving and the times you stood still
  4. Above it all you will see 3 square buttons with magnifying glasses, click on the first one to zoom into the start of the trip
  5. You will see that there is a small magnifying glass on the speed graph as well – move this to the next point where you stood other words, the next gap between the spikes or hills
  6. Now click on the “Split Trip” button at the top – its the 2nd button from the left in the toolbar at the top (with a GREEN arrow)
  7. It will split the trip – you then click on the Save button right next to it and it will close the trip window and show the two separate trips in your trip list in Little LogBook.

The more you split the trip, the bigger the gaps will become since the speed graph will zoom in every time you open the remainder of the continuous trip after a split. Once you start getting the hang of it, you can take one long trip and create all the splits in one Trip window before saving – all you do is click the BOTTOM trip in the list at the bottom (below the speed graph) and then create the next split. Once you have enough, click Save and it will show the separate trips in the trip list.