If you are receiving unknown locations or unable to view trips on a map it could be one of the following:


1. Your computer was not connected to the internet during trips download.

  • Ensure you are connected to the internet. 
  • Then reapply System Location Names by highlighting the affected trip data
  • Right click on any affected trips and select “Apply automatic system names” (Either Start or End location).

Note that this menu item is only available if “Unknown” trips are selected.


2. Your computer is connected on a network that requires an administrator 

  • Request your administrator for assistance, or
  • Use a different internet access point to download your trips.


3. Your computer is connected in a network that is marshaled by means of a proxy server

  • Click on the “Proxy Settings” button under the “Administration” tab to set the desired proxy settings.
  • Click on the “Use proxy server” check box to enable the controls on the screen.  
  • You can opt to use the default proxy settings and credentials (as can be set by Internet Explorer’s Internet Options, which are also accessible in the Control Panel, if you have sufficient user rights) or specify alternative proxy settings.


The server name may be the name of the server on the network or the IP Address.

If you are unsure about this, you will have to consult your network administrator.

Click on the “Save” button to complete. 


4. The issue might be related to the URL’s that are required by our software.